Bamboo Pocket Snaps Cloth Diaper/ Nappy – OS – Galaxy Prints

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Package Includes:
– 1 BubuBibi Bamboo Baby Cloth Diaper (Galaxy Color)
– 1 BubuBibi Bamboo Insert (Size 14.5″ X 5″)

Made of rayon from Bamboo

Bamboo versus Cotton Facts:

Bamboo is known for their antibacterial qualities, from the time they are grown to the process of being manufactured into cloth diapers, they have the natural qualities that repels and eliminate most forms of antibacterial.

Bamboo sheets offer many properties of high grade Egyptian cotton or silk sheets, but with none of the negative aspects. Bamboo are as soft as cashmere.

Bamboo does not require pesticides and is naturally irrigated, unlike cotton, they require a large amount of pesticides to maintain growth.

Bamboo is highly water absorbent. According to research, it is able to take 3 times more water weight. It retains this ability in some extent, pulling the moisture away from the skin so that it can evaporates.One Size – Fits newborns all the way to toddlers, allowing parents to save money instead of having to get bigger diapers as baby grows.