Ecoable All-In-One Bamboo Inner Cloth Diaper/Sewn-In Insert, Zoo

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Ecoable Bamboo AIO (All in One) Diapers with an absorbent Sewn-in Soaker and a Pocket Option. Features: rayon from bamboo Inner lining – Great for babies who are sensitive to synthetic materials. Sewn-in absorbent insert. 3″ x 3″ adjustable snaps plus hip snaps. Pocket opening for additional inserts – Great diaper for a heavy wetter (additional inserts are not included). Breathable waterproof lining of PUL. One Size fits baby from birth until potty training: 8-35 pounds.Reusable AIO (All-in-One) cloth diapers are very versatile and easy to use. AIO cloth diaper is lined with rayon from bamboo material – perfect for kids who are sensitive to synthetic fibers.