2.2lb Bag of 100% Natural Soap Nuts- Essential for all Eco-friendly Laundry Supplies. Perfect laundry detergent for Cloth Diapers, totally organic containing zero harsh chemicals

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Little Lamb Soap Nuts – Natural Organic Laundry Detergent

Little Lamb Soap Nuts differ from regular laundry detergents, both in liquid and powder form, which contain numerous harsh chemicals which are toxic to the environment and even more dangerous to many people who have serious allergic reactions to them.

When these dried berries are submerged in water, they release a natural surfactant (or soap). These Soap nuts which are also known as soap berries are placed inside a bag (provided) which is then placed inside the washer where the hot water activates the Saponin in the soap berries. It’s absolutely amazing! Soap nuts are good for your skin, good for our water streams, and good for your budget

With soap nuts, you won’t need another cleaning product in your house. When you boil a handful of soap nuts in a quart of water, the liquid will make the best anit-bacterial, anti-fungal product you’ve ever used. It’s great on dishes, granite, stainless steel, glass, ceramic, and wood.

Little Lamb Soap Nuts can be re-used around 3 to 6 times (depending on wash times)

No allergy problems as the soap berries are 100% natural, everyone can use Little Lamb Soap Nuts without any allergic reactions.

Add Little Lamb Wool Soap Nuts to Cart Now“Little Lamb Soap Nuts are the most effective natural laundry detergent