BumGenius One Size Inserts – 6ct

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Bum Genius One-Size InsertsCotton Babies One-Size Microfiber inserts are made of 3layers of the thick microfiber terry. These inserts feature a uniquesnap down design that allows these inserts to fit perfectly in a small mediumor large Fuzzi Bunz cloth diaperor at any rise setting on a bumGenius cloth diaper. The new wider and longer design fills up bumGenius and Fuzzi Bunz side-to-side and end-to-end.These one-size cloth diaper insertsdry as quickly as bumGenius or Fuzzi Bunz dry on the line or in a dryer. All the economics of a one-size product and no more waiting for thick cotton or hemp inserts!These inserts are manufacturer rated at 15 oz. absorbency. Please note that these cloth diaper insertsmay be too bulky for small newborns under 10 pounds.We recommend using two inserts when diapering an older baby or toddlerat night.You only need a small amount of detergent to get these inserts clean. Less detergent less energy these inserts are easy tohand wash/line dry if necessary convenient…