Baby Double Rrows of Snaps 6PCS Pack Fitted Pocket Washable Cloth Diaper with 1 Insert Each (Girl Color)

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Our cloth diaper draws more recommendations from mothers for more comfortable material and fine workmanship. It has one more rows of snaps which can fit better for your baby.

Reusable cloth diapers have many benefits, including:
Environmental: Cloth diapers reduce waste for families with children in diapers by more than 50%.
Financial: Cloth diapers allow families to save more than $2000 per child.
Health: Cloth diapers prevent exposure of their babie skin and lungs to the chemicals in disposable diapers.

Product Features:
Outer: Waterproof & breathable TPU
Inners: Suede cloth wicks moisture away from baby bottom. It is an excellent choice next to baby skin for pocket style cloth diapers. Liquid passes right through suede cloth into the inner absorbent layers of the insert. Unlike fleece there is no pilling.
Small (8-15 lbs), Medium (12-25 lbs), or Large (20-35 lbs). Length of nappy: 39cm in length x 35cm in width.Double rows of adjustable snaps to allow for a small/medium/large size in one diaper