6 HappyEndings TM Heavy Wetter 4 Layer Organic Hemp & Cotton Inserts for Cloth Diapers

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Our hemp inserts are made of 4 absorbent layers of all natural hemp and organic cotton fleece. *They should fit most One Size Diapers, measuring 13.5×5 inches each. These are not pre-washed, so up to 1-1.5 inches of shrinking can be expected. These inserts are perfect for heavy wetters and parents who prefer natural fibers for their babies. Hemp is meant to be used as a doubler -it is the most absorbent natural material known, but it also is a slow absorber, so be sure to always use a bamboo or microfiber insert on top of your hemp one. Hemp contains antimicrobial qualities -it’s great for your baby’s bum! CARE: Use after one wash. However, because of the natural oils in hemp, multiple washings are required before reaching maximum absorbency. Wash on hot or warm. Dry on medium or low heat. Materials: 55%hemp/45%organic cotton fleece.
*Includes the HappyEndings Eco Diapers TM label and care instructions.HappyEndingsTM 4 Layer Organic Hemp & Cotton inserts are perfect for Heavy Wetters! These inserts fit all One Size cloth diapers, with measurements of 13.5in. by 5 in.